Naming These 70s Actors Is Surprisingly Difficult!

By: Megan Kim
So, you think you know your Hollywood actors? Do you think you'd recognize them before they became major screen idols? They might have looked very different in the 70s when they wore long hair or were just that much younger. Many were practically unknown at the time. Many of their movies had yet to be tested in the world of VHS and DVD technologies that would come later. They gained their movie fame, and then their reputations deepened as they became small screen names because fans could watch their movies again and again.

As it turns out, young unknowns went on to become household names because of their movies. Which ones were your favorites? Which hunky guy did you secretly swoon over? Which actresses melted your young heart with their smoky glances? Not everything was romance, of course. The stories that unfolded before our eyes took us to places we'd never been to. They raised ideas we hadn't considered. They entertained us in both the classic ways and in new and unusual ways, too. Some had established their reputations already and some would not become widely recognized for years to come. It says something about the staying power of an actor that he or she didn't give up. They might have worked in a movie that bombed but they kept on trying until they were discovered by someone significant in the movie business. They got their big break and they managed it like an investment so that it would grow- and their fame grew with it.

So we're going to give you a little prod here and ask you: how many of these 70s actors have you watched recently? From Sissy Spacek to Gene Hackman, let's see how many you recognize!