How Many 70s Shows Can You Name?

By: Megan Kim
The 70’s was a decade of memorable fashion, scary movies, and iconic TV shows. Anyone who lived during the era will tell you it was a delightful time full of various television sitcoms, dramas, and series. Adding to that, if you lived through the 70’s, you know all to well that Hollywood doesn't do TV like it used to. Many of the shows from this time period are considered classics.

The 70’s reflected an expansion of American pop culture. It boasted character diversity, and along with taboo subjects, television broke more than a few traditional rules. Many consider this decade to be the best of all times for television. Producers and actors pressed and demanded more and more from Hollywood to keep the American people entertained.

Many of the shows from the 70's are truly treasured and unforgettable, accompanied by theme songs that are instantly recognizable decades later. At the time, the shows and songs were downright wacky and unusual and made you question what in the world television was turning into.

Let's admit it, if you were like most kids in the 70's, you were raised by the television in your family room. Some people even refer to it as the “golden era of kids television shows." It was like having a live performance in your own living room with piles of ridiculous silliness from numerous characters that captured our hearts. Wrapped within many of these shows were life-lessons and hidden messages.  And it's pretty safe to say that All in the Family was the talk of numerous dinner table discussions throughout the country.

Le'ts look back and see what Americans were inviting into their homes in the 70's through television. Put your trivia muscles to the test and see how many 70's shows you can name.