Can You Name The Most Beautiful Women of the 70s?

By: Katie Jacobs
The 1970s was a momentous era to be woman. The decade marked the second wave of feminism. Known as the Women’s Rights Movement, it sought equal rights, opportunities and personal freedom for all women in the U.S. The campaign for women’s rights, and subsequent liberation promoted an evolution of style and beauty in the 70s that was and remains breathtaking. A renewed sense of freedom and power led women to make more bold and daring fashion choices.

The beginning of the decade saw the continuance of the Flower Power movement, started by young people protesting the war in Vietnam. The retro glam look was soon to follow which was inspired by 1920s film and popular culture.

The disco look came next and towards the end of the decade, punk style was in. All of these looks were as flawless as the next. The bronzed beach look, marked by bold and glossy lips and green and blue eyeshadow was all the rage during this crazed time. Actresses, models, singers, beauty contestants, businesswomen, entrepreneurs and your everyday girls-next-door made it theirbusiness to own their beauty and use it to their best advantage.

In this quiz, take a trip down memory lane and see how many beautiful women you can name from the 70s!