How Many 80s Actors Can You Name?

By: Megan Kim
From the Brat Pack to Action heroes with memorable one-liners, actors in 80s movies have supplied some of the big screen's most iconic moments. Their stories and characters still stick with movie audiences decades after their introduction.

Who doesn't love a good 80s' movie? We began the decade by learning that Darth Vader was the father of Luke Skywalker. It only got better from there. We saw a teenager travel back in time in a DeLorean to help his parents meet and fall in love. We witnessed a killer cyborg stalk a young waitress who was destined to give birth to the leader of the human resistance. We learned what one clever teenager could do on a day off from school. We also saw what happens when greed is good and a scorned would-be lover will not be ignored.

The classic moments and iconic actors also found their way onto TV throughout the 80s. Don Johnson brought us flashy clothes, cars and music of Miami. Tom Selleck blazed around Hawaii in a ferrari solving crimes. We had quite a few of our favorite actors hang out at a bar where everyone knew their name. And who could forget the treachery, greed and lust for sex and power we saw from our favorite soap opera families in Dallas and other locales?

Can you associate the names and faces forever identified with those iconic moments and roles? Do you know the difference between Matthew Broderick and Matthew Modine? Are there less than six degrees separating you from Kevin Bacon? Don't wait any longer to show what you know. Test your knowledge of 80s actors with our fun and challenging quiz. Let's see how your knowledge stacks up against all the other 80s lovers out there!