Can You Name These 80s Music Legends?

By: Clement Hall
There is no denying that something special happened in the 80s regarding the music industry. There were major breakthroughs by some well-known bands and it was in this decade that many new styles of music made their way into mainstream media. As you take a close look at the music legends of the 80s, you will quickly see that many of them are still making waves today.

The 80s was a decade of not only consumerism but materialism as well. There were many people who were graduating with formal educations, both men and women, and they were enjoying their high-paying jobs and the disposable income that came along with them. Often times, enjoying their paychecks meant hitting the clubs or enjoying drinks at a local bar. It also meant driving around fancy cars and spending loads of money on designer apparel.

The music scene in the 80s started out quite tragic with the death of John Lennon. Lennon was just coming back into the eye of the public when he was shot by Mark Chapman. As a result of his death, a global outpouring began. It didn't take long, however, for the grief to subside and for hard rock to take over the musical landscape. MTV debuted in 1981 and we have to admit, music has never been the same since.

If you think you are acquainted with the music scene in the 80s, make sure to take this quiz to see just how much you really know.