Can You Match The 80s TV Character to Their TV Show?

By: Megan Kim
There can be no doubt, television reached a pinnacle of pure awesomeness in the 80s! This is the era of the sitcom with memorable catchphrases and lighthearted goofy situations. You're thinking of a different decade? Wha​tcha' talkin' bout Willis? Where else could you find a city court filled with zany defendants or two mismatched cousins from different countries who share a Chicago apartment? What other decade brought us TV shows with catchy theme songs that ranged from educating us that the facts of life are all about us to declaring that, believe it or not, they're walking on air. The 80s gave us cops chasing criminals in flashy clothes and flashy cars in Miami. We saw a mustached private eye solve cases while zooming from one exotic locale to another in his Ferrari in Hawaii. This decade brought us a team of soldiers of fortune on the run from the military. We got to return to space. the final frontier, on the deck of the Starship Enterprise. We were introduced to a secret agent who used his knowledge and scientific skills to turn common household items into weapons against villains or as a means to escape from traps. This collection of iconic shows also means an equally iconic collection of characters. Arnold Drummond. B.A. Barracus. Thomas Magnum. KITT. Jean-Luc Picard. Mike Seaver. Balki Bartokomous. Diane Chambers. MacGyver. Those names conjure up memories of laughter, thrills and fun. Did you watch 80s shows with a single-minded devotion of a comic book geek devouring their favorite superhero graphic novel? Now here's your chance to show us what you know. Put your knowledge to the test. Take our 80s TV characters quiz and see how you stack up against other lovers of all things from the 80s.