How Many 90s Shows Can You Name?

By: Elizabeth Wilson
TV and movies had been around for some time when the 1990s arrived. Instead of just doing the same old thing yet again, the 90s gave us some memorable shows with characters we followed faithfully and grew to love. Isn't it funny how easily we fall in love with fictional characters? It must have something to do with not having to see what they look like the first thing in the morning. 90s TV shows gave us an outlet to relax and decompress after a long day at a desk. They were funny, bright, scary, dramatic, riveting, cathartic, emotional, and sometimes addictive. Nearly twenty years later their characters live on in internet memes and through season marathons.

Some shows had a long run of five or ten seasons, and some are even now still going strong. Can you tell the difference between a cartoon comic and a stand-up comic? Could you differentiate between the drifting disembodied spooky intro music and the pounding rock spooky intro music? If you can still hum the tunes that opened each show, then try our 90s TV show quiz.

From the nice kid on the block to the snarky office workers, from vampires to just a bunch of best friends, these TV shows gave us punchlines, romances, and drama that we could share over the water cooler. Whether we laughed our socks off and had them scared off, we enjoyed every minute as we followed our favorite shows. It takes a good memory to keep them all straight. Can you look at these shots from 1990s TV shows and know which ones are which? Don't mix up Seinfeld with Buffy The Vampire Slayer,  or we're taking away your Gameboy!