How Many Adventure Films Can You Name?

By: Clement Hall
A good old-fashioned adventure is just the ticket to get your blood pumping and spike your adrenaline. Some of modern cinema's most unforgettable moments come straight out of adventure films. Where else are you going to find a globe-trotting archeologist who clashes with Nazis while tracking down religious artifacts?  This is the genre that brings together a group of underground street racers who employ fast cars to execute death defying stunts and even crazier missions. Adventure movies can involve something as simple as a quest for buried treasure or something as thrilling as racing against the clock to save the entire world from impending doom. The best thing about these adventure films is the dose of explosive fun they offer. They are what makes a summer movie feel so appealing. These movies give us larger than life characters who spout catchy one-liners that we repeat later around friends, family, and co-workers. We get treated to car chases and explosions. Our minds are blown by insane death defying stunts. Nothing gets your heart racing faster than seeing a key character dangle from the edge of a cliff or the side of a skyscraper! So the question is how well do you know these adventure movies? Can you recall the one-liner or the action hero accurately enough to master our quiz? Put your knowledge to the test. See how well your love of the action/adventure genre stacks up against others who dive into the quiz.