You Have Very Little Chance Of Acing This Quiz Unless You Have A Degree In Art History

By: Rebecca Curran
Art History students, feast your eyes on this quiz! We've come up with a real doozy this time and we don't think many people will be able to get all the answers correct. Will you be able to prove your art knowledge? Which artists will you recognize? Which will leave you scratching your head? And which ones will you answer and then slap your hand to your forehead as you exclaim "Oh, that guy!"

From Rembrandt to Rodin, and every other artist of the European art history scene, you'll recognize the statues and paintings that have inspired artists and writers for generations. View the incredible creative spark of Michelangelo (will you know it's his?) and take in the dark emotion of Edvard Munch (Haven't we seen this painting spoofed a thousand times?).

Who painted "Guernica"? If you can't recall, we're not telling! At least, not yet. Once you've guessed, you'll see if your answer was the right one and then learn some art trivia to use at your next study session. It's a great way to refresh your art history superpowers as well as review for that other quiz (the real one) in class next Monday. Enjoy the flowers, view the delicate ladies, and identify that famous structure standing in the haze. Will you make it to the status of Legend? or will you show the world how often you slept through class? You'll need a degree in Art History to get these questions right. And by that we mean, a degree you paid attention to. Now go and conquer the world of Art History!