How Well Do You Really Know Women Of The Bible?

By: Danielle Thomas
Although much of the religious dialogue centers on the males in the Old and New Testament, women have played a powerful role in the Judea-Christian tradition. From Satan’s seduction that caused humans to be cast out of the Garden of Eden to the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, knowing how influential and powerful the women of the Bible can open your eyes to understanding the 10 Commandments or the Gospel. In the Old Testament, the story of Abraham garners a great deal of interest and retelling. It’s a tale of faith, submission to God and his life remains a Biblical foundation. But his wife also played an important role in the rise of the Jewish and Christian faiths. She was given the extraordinary task and honor of being the mother of Israel. She is also said to have given birth to Isaac at an extremely late age. Another iconic woman of the Old Testament was the sister of Moses and Aaron. She helped facilitate the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. She is recognized for intervening on behalf of Jochebed with the Pharaoh’s daughter to become her brother’s wetness after he was pulled from the Nile. She emerged as a powerful prophet who later fell from grace. Among the more popular mainstream stories are about how female beauty and seduction caused male downfalls. The mighty Samson slew countless Philistines and his enemies employed a woman to uncover the secret to his enormous strength. Although tragic, Delilah’s betrayal has become a timeless story about how failed self-control can lead to ruin. Like Delilah, the name Jezebel has become synonymous with deception. She mercilessly persecuted prophets such as Elijah. However, God punished her for wickedness and she died horribly as the prophet Elijah foretold. Lot’s wife was also severely punished for her disobedience to God. But the Bible is also filled with women that are moral touchstones. The mother of John the Baptist was barren until God blessed her. Her story reminds people that divine intervention can change an otherwise hopeless circumstance. Numerous women were on the front lines of Jesus’ ministry. They leant support at crucial moments and Mary is described in the Bible sitting at His feet, listening intently. One of the more controversial women of the Bible was Mary Magdalene. Many speculate that she was a prostitute while others claim she was Jesus’ wife. What we do know about her is that she was a trusted confidant. The pages of the Bible are rich with iconic women remembered for their faith, failings and contributions to the Jewish and Christian religions. Try this fun and informative Trivia quiz about the Great Women of the Bible to test your knowledge and learn more.