Over or Under: Can You Guess the Net Worth of These Stars?

By: Clement Hall
Many trivia buffs and Jim Carrey fans know that the star of the Ace Ventura franchise, Liar Liar, and The Truman Show was the first celebrity to command a $20 million salary for a single movie (1996's The Cable Guy). But how much of this money (and the earnings from his subsequent blockbusters) has he invested in the 22 years since then? The structure of movie, TV, and record deals has seriously shifted over the past few decades. While actors used to negotiate a flat fee per movie (which led to some... interesting... choices by many A-listers in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s), movie studios now often directly tie an actor's salary to the amount of money the film generates. This gives everyone involved a vested interest in a film's success, but can also make it hard to determine exactly how much a star earned. Meanwhile, many musicians have turned to endorsements and partnerships with streaming services in lieu of tours and merchandise. And more celebrities than ever are becoming multi-hyphenates, whether this means starting a beauty company like Rihanna, a lifestyle brand like Jessica Alba, or a clothing line like Jessica Simpson. Others who once commanded million-dollar paychecks, like MC Hammer, eventually declared bankruptcy after taking on expensive obligations like massive pieces of real estate, thoroughbred racehorses, and a personal staff of hundreds. Putting a dollar figure on a celebrity's net worth can be surprisingly challenging. This "over or under" quiz gives you one number and two choices—Over or Under?—per celebrity. Do Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have eight- or nine-figure net worths? And exactly how much money has Arnold Schwartzenegger generated since he entered the scene more than 40 years ago? Think you can guess the net worths of some of the most powerful celebrities in Hollywood? Let's see how you stack up against other fans!