How Many Stars Can You Recognize From Their Yearbook Photos?

By: Rebecca Curran
Some faces never change, but many do. Today’s Hollywood stars might be lookers, but their childhood years might’ve been entirely different! A lot of celebs looked just like us, when they were younger. If you’ve ever been floored by how quickly a person’s face, physique, hair or frame can change—you haven’t seen anything yet. For some, youngster hairstyles seemed cool. For others, their adolescent clothing might seem dated these days. Between a few extra pounds, here and there, it can be hard to imagine how such a big change might’ve occurred. Some people even make “age maps” to pinpoint the glory years, the blunder years and the completely awkward years. If you’ve ever seen a wrinkle time-lapse video, you’d be surprised at how drastically the change itself can be. It can be disconcerting to wake up, look in the mirror and see “instant aging” lines which—apparently—have appeared overnight. See: Age affects everyone, even the rich and famous. How well a celeb might’ve cared for their skin, exposure to sunlight and other inevitable factors might’ve played a role in their facial aging. Experts agree: As you age from a teen to an adult, you lose baby fat. Girls begin to look more like women, and boys start looking like men. While the change is subtle, it’s very real. Meanwhile, life’s day-to-day encounters further the aging process. Computer use, diet and even sitting can impact a person’s annual aging. Pregnancy, antibiotics and plenty of Hollywood entertainment pushes the process further. Where celebs themselves are considered, we should remember when we first saw them. You might’ve seen Tom Cruise for the first time in your younger years—eating popcorn on the couch. Or, you might’ve seen Mila Kunis for the first time on That 70s Show. While the later hasn’t changed much, Tom Cruise looked a lot different in his teenage years—minus the winning smile. While some quizzes might focus on the celebrities you’ve seen, this quiz focuses on the celebrities you haven’t. In this case, both are one in the same. You might be surprised by some of the pictures inside. Yearbook photos are captured with different cameras than those Hollywood uses—which can add or subtract perceived “weight” in a picture. This said, some faces grew into maturity in astounding ways. We think this quiz is incredibly fun. It’s exciting to pinpoint the minute features which make a celebrity instantly recognizable. It’s also nice to know the rest of us can age like fine wine—with or without Hollywood lights, cameras and action. If you’re ready, go ahead and hop into the quiz. If you’re surprised by some of the pictures, don’t worry. A surprising number of people can’t guess them correctly, either. Try sharing this quiz with your friends, and see who can apply their Hollywood knowledge the best!Remove featured image Or, try to find that one friend who has an uncanny gift for discerning people’s faces—regardless of their age. The human mind is surprisingly capable, after all.