Think You Can You Name The Funniest, Most Hilarious Movies of All Time?

By: Megan Kim
Do you like comedy? Well, who doesn't like comedy? But do you really like comedy? When other people want to curl up with a tear jerker kind of movie, or they love their rousing war sagas, where do you land? Do you prefer some good belly laughs? If funny movies are your thing, then just how good are you at identifying them? Do you think you could not only recognize the big names of comedy but which of their movies a particular photo is taken from? It isn't as easy as you think! Abbott and Costello made so many movies with the same plot devices that you could switch out the scenes and still have the same movie. It didn't matter to us fans because their delivery and humor just took us away from the real world. What is it about funny movies that bring us back time and again? Why do we memorize complete scripts so we can walk around quoting entire scenes? Why has comedy become the ritual experience of dressing for a movie showing, yelling at the screen, and throwing food? It is rather unique in its way. Nobody gets together to quote George C. Scott in Patton while wearing uniforms and having a shared experience with other crazy fans. Comedy has its special appeal to the funny bone in the human body. The world loves to laugh! So gear up for your Airplane trivia,  wear a shaggy wig for Wayne's World, and have your fake British accent ready to declare "She turned me into a newt!" Can you do it? Can you name all these movies, or will you be snapping your fingers uselessly and yelling, "Oh! Oh! I got this! I know this one! It's-it's---"