Can You Match The Company To The Logo?

By: Rebecca Curran
There's no denying that certain logos can leave a lasting impression on customers. We associate particular logos with favorite foods, clothing, automobiles and other basics of life. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a swoosh? Sports? Sneakers? What do you think about when an apple with a bite out of it comes into view? Computers? Smartphones? If you see a H inside a square or a V and W stacked on top of each other inside a circle, what does that tell you about the car adorned with that particular logo? Logos shape our perceptions of brands. They tell us what we need to know about a company and their products. What thought pops up in your head when you see a pair of golden arches? How about a yellow shell with a red border? Many of these famous logos are as familiar as a family photo. They become etched inside your mind. When you think about pizza, cola, or gasoline, there is inevitably a specific company logo that you associate with each of these words when you think about them or hear them spoken. How well do you know your logos? Put your knowledge to the test. Take our company logos quiz and see how you stack up against the competition. Are the logos as familiar to you as your own hands and feet? Or are they simply a fleeting image that is soon forgotten?