How Many Of These Country Music Legends Can You Name?

By: Elizabeth Wilson
Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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So you think you know country music? You probably already know that country music began with ballads, folk songs, and musical creations from English, Irish, and Scottish settlers of the Appalachian Mountains. Widely considered Southern American style, country music is based on tradition. However, the simple form of country music is able to encompass a number of different themes. This has helped initiate the development of sub-genres, such as country-pop and country-rock.

As musicians and artists continued to contribute to the genre, country music developed from old-time music into the rhythmic adaptations that define country music today.

A Brief History of Country Music: Settlers living in the southern Appalachian Mountains of the U.S. migrated to the country with the instruments that they had been using to create music for hundreds of years. The music they produced came from Irish and Scottish fiddle styles, the African banjo, and Spanish guitar links. By the end of the 19th century, settlers from Britain and central Europe established themselves in Texas, leading to the creation of a cultural hub that inspired the formation of country music as we know it today.

While country music can be complex, at its core, this type of music is all about simple sounds. Country music is usually written around a basic melody along with three cords. The "I", "IV" and "V7" chords are the three chords used most commonly in country music. While the country is not always sophisticated musically, country music is well-known for using its lyrics and sounds to appeal to emotions.

Many artists are experimenting with the genre of country music. However, there are still quite a few artists who prefer sticking with the simple formula that underlies the vast majority of country music since the early days of the genre.

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