If You're Not A Die-Hard Trekkie Don't Even Try To Take This Test

By: Timothy Kemp
Behold! The interstellar adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and his crew aboard the USS Enterprise otherwise known as Star Trek! The Star Trek saga has taken Trekkies by storm ever since the 1966 debut of the original series on NBC. From toys to movies to themed attractions, Star Trek has a cultural influence far beyond its television series. Whether you speak Klingon or not, it’s hard to escape the lure of this cosmic voyage, created by Gene Roddenberry. Characters such as Spock, with his signature “live long and prosper” phrase and classic double-finger hand sign, went on to inspire stars like Pharrell and N.E.R.D. One of the reasons Star Trek trivia can be so challenging is that the Trekkie “universe” has become increasingly complex in the last 50-odd (sometimes very odd!) years of new Starfleet sagas. After "Star Trek," the original series (TOS to fans), went off the air in 1969, the Roddenberry universe lay fallow for several years, other than an animated series based on the TOS crew. After ten long years, however, Trekkies were gifted with an ever-expanding franchise of feature films and new live-action television series. To date, the Star Trek umbrella encompasses 13 feature films, seven live-action shows, and one animated series. The canon is further fleshed out through the comic books, novelizations and video games associated with the franchise. Each venture contributes new information about the various crews of Starfleet, the exploratory and peacekeeping offshoot of the United Federation of Planets. TOS -- which takes in the 2260s -- spawned both sequels and prequels on television, with movies spinning off from the series. All told, the movies and series cover the years between the 2150s and the 2370s. That’s over two centuries of adventures that largely revolve around Starfleet and the adventures of the starships and space stations associated with it. It’s Star Trek canon that in the mid-2000s, World War III was unleashed upon the globe, ushering in two decades of dystopia, followed by a slow rebuilding, and first contact from other planets. By the 2150s, pioneer deep space explorers, depicted in the prequel series Enterprise, are setting off from Earth. The events of TOS and "Discovery" happen 100 years later, and "The Next Generation" (TNG) and "Deep Space Nine" yet another century later, in the 2360s and 7Os. Naturally, the 10 spin-off films from the TOS and TNG series, along with the most recent reboot films that explore the lives of the TOS crew at the outset of their Starfleet careers -- feature intermingling of locations and even timelines. (As if the established chronology isn’t complicated enough, there’s plenty of time-hopping, wormholes to mirror universes, and the like.) That’s a lot to keep track of -- and that’s why only the best the brightest should step up to take this quiz! There’s a Star Trek fan in all of us but are you a die-hard Trekkie? Prove it.