How Many Thriller Films Can You Name?

By: Elizabeth Wilson
Nothing gets your pulse racing and gets you scooting over onto the edge of your seat quite like a riveting, fast-pace thriller. Your heart pounds as you watch a detective try to beat the clock and catch a killer before its too late. Perhaps you are sweating it out watching a person in the wrong place at the wrong time try to survive as the villain closes in on them. It makes for exciting drama and an unforgettable experience, whether you're in a darkened movie theater or at home in your own den. How well do you know the thriller genre? Do you follow the missions of the IMF team as they circle the globe trying to stop corrupt spies and evil arms dealers? Is your preference to pull up a chair in a courtroom and watch a determined lawyer try to get his innocent client's name cleared while bringing the true perpetrator to justice? Are you drawn in by rogue cops coloring outside the lines to bring down sadistic criminals? Thrillers are fun because they can go from the courtroom to the bedroom to deliver the mixture of excitement and terror you seek. Go ahead and make our day. Test out your knowledge of thrillers and show us what you got. Take our quiz and see how your knowledge compares with other fans of the genre. The stakes are not life and death, but earning bragging rights is to enticing to pass up.