How Well Do You Know 1977?

By: Clement Hall
Even though values that began in the 60's, such as a rise in political awareness and the liberty of women, continued to grow throughout the 70's, it was the music, movie and television industry of this decade that really pushed the envelope in America.

Some of the best movies of all times were played on the big screen in the 70's. From far away galaxies and alien encounters to mafia and mental asylum films, Hollywood stretched our imaginations and left us with a hunger for more. More gory scenes. More cussing and more nudity. Seen as the golden era for Hollywood, favorite classics were produced left and right, many of which are still watched in the homes of millions.

Television didn’t hold back and at times seemed right down insulting. It entered a new age of frankness with its ethnic humor and adult themes, pushing boundaries as never before. Viewers complained and the government took actions, such as banning cigarette ads and putting restrictions in place to limit onscreen violence.

There were a wide variety of genres for music listeners and this continued to change throughout the 70's. It was a golden period for vinyl records as they were very affordable to everyone who owned a record player. Music took strides as never before, creating sounds no one had heard in the previous decades.

Many would agree that by the year 1977, music was shifting away from disco and paving the way for a rowdy, punk hip-hop approach to dance and party. It was a memorable year for the movie industry as well when Star Wars transformed the way Hollywood would make its movies forever. The King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley died, and we saw Led Zeppelin play its last concert.

The 70's were a great time to be alive and this decade definitely deserves to be celebrated today. Let's journey back into a time of alien encounters and disco nights and see how well you can remember an exceptionally great era.