How Many 70s Movies Can You Name?

By: Clement Hall
The 70s saw the rise of the blockbuster movie and its sequels. Sure, the 50s were the Golden Age of TV and movies, but the 70s rocked their disco music and sci-fi mythos. Whether you were around to see these movies firsthand, or you're just a crazy movie trivia nut, jump on in and see just how good are you at guessing the titles that match the photos from these blockbuster films.

Think of it: these really were films! These days they look grainy compared to modern digital technology. Back then, they were the glitzy, gritty, exciting stories that we stood in line for hours to see. And without video cassette recorder technology, we often stood in line over and over again.

Do you remember the first time you watched Jaws? Where were you living when you saw The Godfather? Did you take up jogging after watching Rocky? Did anyone even realize then how many sequels would follow in the wake of all those 70s box office winners? Who knew Harrison Ford would become such an international star? Or that the actress who played John Belushi's girlfriend in The Blues Brothers would be mourned the world over when she passed away?

Now answer truthfully: are you a first-generation Star Wars fan, or did you grow up with the later trilogies? This is a prime example of how the 70s are still with us. Movies that makers took a risk on resulted in entire subcultures in America that spread across the globe. Who could have predicted the long-running success of these movies? Now that you've taken a walk down memory lane, try your hand at identifying these movies. See if you can be like Cool Hand Luke or if you're just another Young Frankenstein!