How Many Of These 90s Movies Can You Name From A Single Image?

By: Clement Hall
Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Getty Images
The 90s was a great time for movies. Between Titanic’s 1997 release and the rise of Jurassic Park, the decade spawned both big-hitting films and entire series.

Back in the 90s, kids armed themselves with wrist rockets and Super Soakers. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were on the rise, as were Playstation game consoles. If you lived in the 90s, you probably remember the Spice Girls popping up in most karaoke sessions. Or, you might remember following Kevin McCallister as he was pursued by home-invasion crooks in New York.

90s movies had a great quality. They also achieved great heights. In the 90s, the box offices were impacted by some of the greatest flicks ever made. We even saw Star Wars: Episode 1, which revitalized the franchise by giving fans a prequel trilogy.

Everyone has a 90s movie they love. This said, hundreds of movies hit the theaters during the decade. It’s easy for films to slip under the radar—only to reemerge on Netflix. Even when the nostalgia of the 90s hits, it can be difficult to agree upon the film titles which best reflected the decade. Whether you’re a VHS collector or a cinephile, you’ve probably stumbled across some of the decade’s greatest films.

Trivia Boss is here again, dishing out cool facts, fun quizzes and tricky questions guaranteed to put your knowledge to the test. If you know your 90s movies, step right up! We’re fans of 90s movies, too, and we want to give back by making a quick loaded with nostalgia. Don’t worry: We’ve left the Tamagotchis at home.

Can you figure out which 90s movie we’re presenting based upon these pictures? If you can, you might know more about 90s films than you think. Try out the quiz, and let us put your film knowledge to the test.