So The Bible Tells Me So... Or Does It?

By: Danielle Thomas

The Bible is undoubtedly the single most influential book in the history of humankind, influencing hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people in every corner of the globe. Indeed, no other book can match the influence of the Bible. Billions of people have turned page after page and feasted on the words contained inside. The Bible has shaped the direction of history and the rise of western civilization like no other book on Earth. Teachings from this book have served as the foundation for laws, principles and values guiding and shaping countless nations for nearly 2,000 years.

The Bible's influence can be felt in so many areas of daily life. Are you familiar with the Golden Rule? Do you know the Ten Commandments? This isn't a book that simply guides that portion of the population who believes in God. It has become a text that impacts entire societies and has shaped the destinies of religious and non-religious people alike because of its wide availability and matching influence. There is no question that the Bible is a book in a class by itself. There is no other book like it out there among the collection of books that have come forth before and since the invention of the printing press.

When you start to really dig into the Bible, it's amazing to discover just how much the stories and teachings have distilled into popular culture. Whether you see it as a collection of inspired words received directly from God or simply a guide for living a better life, there's no denying the impact it continues to have well into the 21st Century. Only a handful of books can claim to serve as a foundation for laws and governments; become a source for songs, plays, novels, movies, and TV shows; and shape language and literacy. Many modern languages have drawn countless names and words from biblical counterparts.

Many people think they know the Bible. They pride themselves as being experts on the stories and teachings found within the pages of this book. How familiar are you with the contents of the Bible? Where does your knowledge of the book begin and how far does it extend?

Do the names Moses, David, Jesus and Mary feel as familiar to you as the names of your family and friends? Can you break down in detail what brought down the walls of Jericho? Can you rattle off the various cities Paul visited on his missionary journeys during the time of the Apostles? Is the vision described in the Book of Revelation as familiar to you as the latest Hollywood summer blockbuster?

However you feel about the Bible, there is no question that it is a book like no other. Many people think they know the Bible. Do you really? Let's answer some questions and find out!