Can You Recognize These Stars From Their Childhood Photos?

By: Elizabeth Wilson
Americans have watched more than a few child stars literally grow up right before their eyes on the big screen. Many of them have captured the hearts of viewers as they welcomed them into their homes through television, music and the movies. There have also been several who have become very successful while others have completely flopped and become the center of jokes made all across the globe.

To make it in the entertainment industry from childhood all the way to adulthood takes someone really special. Unfortunately, stardom often sets the stage for numerous types of temptations and pitfalls, which can cause a great deal of trouble for young stars who aren't quite ready to deal with real-life issues. There is a huge hurdle from adolescence to adulthood, but some of these stars have managed to flourish into successful adult entertainers.

It's not uncommon to see child stars struggling when trying to adapt to adulthood. For example, Lindsay Lohan, one of the most beloved and yet most controversial actresses, had a great career start but then struggled throughout her teenage years and eventually ended up in rehabilitation centers and even lost several movie contracts. Eventually, though, she did become successful again.

Now more than ever, child stardom is a fast-paced lifestyle. Some child stars find their careers are over by the time their 18, but many continue in the business for a long time. Now deemed big business, young performers are seen all over the big screens as Hollywood sees dollar signs in stories featuring children.

Can you think of a child star who has managed to stay in the minds of viewers for decades? What about one who was on the TV screen every time you turned it on but now has disappeared from the spotlight? Let's see how well you can remember the faces of the half-pint little stars who made an impact in the world of entertainment as they stole hearts from all over the world.