Can You Name the Most Famous Actor From Each Year?

By: Elizabeth Wilson
Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Can you name some of the most famous actors from years gone by? If you love movies and popular TV shows, it’s time to put your knowledge to work and play Trivia Boss. Test your knowledge and skill to see if you remember some of our favorite actors from the silver screen and the small screen.

Are you familiar with the stars of the ’70s, ’80s or ’90s? Can you pick out a young Harrison Ford from Kevin Costner? Do you know the difference between Mr. Magoo from Mr. Ed? Are you familiar with the Smothers Brothers? What about the Jonas Brothers? Well if you know the difference between these pairs, then you may want to test your skills by playing trivia.

Are you a secret reality show fan? Many people don’t like to admit to this guilty pleasure, but ratings and popularity prove that someone is watching the many reality shows hitting the airwaves. If you think you know who’s who in the reality show realm, you can test your skills on Trivia Boss. You can challenge yourself against your friends to see who knows more about The Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and 90-day Fiancé.

Many of us like to challenge themselves by watching and trying to recreate some of the great recipes that some of today’s best chefs show us on the myriad of cooking shows now on TV.

Music lovers can test the musical aptitude of their favorite music genre and guess the lyrics of some of today’s popular songs.

Trivia Boss also features classic movies and TV shows. So, if you enjoy watching old movies and TV shows, you will be able to test your skills by choosing topics like old movies and see the stars of yesteryear and guess what movies or shows they were in. You can challenge youngsters in the family and show them who’s boss when you beat them in this category.

Playing trivia by yourself or with others is a great way to test your knowledge while having fun. There is a wide range of trivia board games, trivia games played at bars and restaurants and now there is a great trivia game that you can play by yourself without leaving home.

Trivia Boss is a great way to pass time while learning new things or testing your existing knowledge. Log in and enjoy today!